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Generic Hydrea (Hydroxyurea)

Hydrea is used to treat certain types of cancer or sickled red blood cells.

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Product Description


Hydroxyurea is a medicine that is used for the treatment of ovarian cancer, skin cancer, myeloid leukemia and other sorts of cancer. Hydroxyurea is known to affect the cancer and sickle red blood cells and reduce the pain episodes. However, it is not used to cure sickle cell anemia. You can easily buy Hydroxyurea online over the counter. Also avail high discounts and coupons when you buy Hydroxyurea online.

Important information on Hydroxyurea:

  • Hydroxyurea is known to weaken your immune systems. You are needed to get blood tests often and it also causes delayed cancer treatment.
  • Hydroxyurea should always be taken with doctor’s prescription as it also increases the risk of other types of cancers including Skin cancer. While on medicine, you are suggested to wear protective clothing and use proper sun shields.


Other Important Information: When you should not intake Hydroxyurea:

You should not buy Hydroxyurea online and discuss in details with your doctor if you are suffering from:

  • bone marrow suppression or anemia (low red blood cells)
  • Low platelets level in your blood
  • You have a cancer history in your family
  • Suffering from HIV or AIDS
  • Have higher uric acid in blood
  • Any sorts of liver disease
  • Pancreatic disorders
  • Undergoing chemotherapy

Hydroxyurea is also proven to be harmful to unborn babies and can cause birth defects. Never intake Hydroxyurea if you are pregnant! Both men and women should use birth control methods in order to avoid chances of pregnancy. Even after the last dose of Hydroxyurea, a men needs to take much longer birth control adoption than women.

  1. For Women: Use at least 30 days of birth control and avoid pregnancy after your last dosage
  2. For Men: After the last usage of Hydroxyurea, you must take birth control methods for at least 1 year

The dosage of Hydroxyurea affects the fertility without any gender specification. Means whether you are a man or woman, you are likely to get infertile. Moreover, Hydroxyurea also has the tendency to pass in your breast milk and thus harming the nursing baby. Do not breast feed during such situations. For older people, the symptoms and effects are likely to increase.

How should I intake Hydrea (Hydroxyurea)?

First and foremost, you must follow all the directions that are mentioned on prescription label of Hydrea. Your doctor might change your dosage level as per the symptoms and results but in no case, you are suggested to modify the dosage. Do not take Hydrea in smaller or larger amounts or for a longer duration then recommended. If you are advised to take Hydrea 500mg tablets then you must take Hydrea 500mg only. Neither less, nor more!

Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of fluids per day if you are taking Hydrea. You can take Hydrea with or without food. Hydrea is either taken once per day or in some cases once every third day. The dosage depends upon the condition and body response to the treatment. On each day of Hydrea dose, take the Hydrea on the same time. Your doctor might advise you to take some sorts of folic acid supplements and you must follow their recommendation religiously!

Before and after you handle Hydrea, wash your hands. Even if you handle the bottle that contains the Hydrea 500mg capsules, sanitize your hands and you can wear gloves while you are handling Hydrea pills. Do not open Hydrea capsules and in case it is accidently broken or opened then do not consume that pill. The medicines within an open capsule of Hydrea are dangerous if it gets into your eyes, nose, mouth or even skin. In case such incidence occurs, wash your skin with water and soap, rinse the eyes well.

In case the medicine from an opened Hydrea capsule is spilled, wipe it carefully with a damp paper towel at once, seal it in some airtight plastic bag and dump it somewhere child or pets do not reach.

Hydrea can lower your blood cell that help you to fight infections and blood clotting and that’s why blood tests are often needed. Unusual symptoms can also occur and if you see any such symptoms, inform your doctor. Hydrea must be consumed on regular basis to get quicker and better results. Order your refill online before it runs out. Store Hydrea away from moisture and heat. Keep it at room temperature and in tightly closed bottle.

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