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Generic Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)

Nolvadex is able to cause ovulation in women. In men with oligospermia it increases concentration of hormones. Cancer treatment.

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Product Description


Nolvadex, this medicine is also known as Tamoxifen and it is used for the purpose of treating breast cancer and it is also used for the purpose of treating breast cancer in some patients after radiation therapy and surgery. Tamoxifen is also used for alleviating the chances of breast cancer in the patients who are at the high risk of it. Tamoxifen helps in blocking the growth of the breast cancer and it also works by interacting with other effects of estrogen which is there in the breast tissue.

How to use Tamoxifen?

Before you start taking Nolvadex, make sure that you read the medical guide carefully, this guide is provided by the pharmacist, and you need to follow this rule, for each time when you have to use Nolvadex and when you have to get it refilled. In the case of any queries, contact your pharmacist or doctor. You need to take Nolvadex by mouth; you can take it with or without food. Tamoxifen needs to be taken once otherwise twice on a regular basis. It should be taken for a period of 5 years, or as your doctors tell you. The daily dosages of this medicine are more than 20 milligrams and it is taken in morning and evening or as directed by the physician. In case you are using the liquid, then it is very necessary to measure the dose in a proper manner, for this purpose use a spoon or some other device so you only take the desired quantity. You should not use the spoon which is used in the daily household as you may not get the exact dose from it. The dosage of Nolvadex tamoxifen is also based on the medical condition of a patient and the response to the therapy. You need to take Nolvadex dosage on a regular basis to get most of the benefit from it. To make sure that you remember taking it, take tamoxifen Nolvadex on a particular time regularly. If a patient has breast cancer which has spread to the other parts of the body as well, then the patient will also experience an increase in the cancer/bone pain or flare-up in the disease when you start taking Nolvadex. In some of the cases, it can also be a good sign which means that the medicine is providing a good response to the patient. The symptoms can include, increase in the size of the tumour, increase in bone pain or generation of new tumors. The symptoms can also disappear in a quick way. In any of the case, consult your doctor immediately. Nolvadex generic gets absorbed through the lungs and the skin, this is the reason why pregnant women and the women who can become pregnant are not allowed to take this medicine and they also can't breathe the dust which comes from the tablets. In case you find any other effect on your body, the contact your doctor right away, conditions such as new lumps in the breast, need quick consultation

Are there any side-effects of Nolvadex dosing?

Here is the list of side-effects which can surface while taking Nolvadex dose:

  • Leg Cramps
  • Hot Flashes
  • Aches in Muscles
  • Thinning of hair
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Tingling or numbing in the skin
  • Loss of sexual ability/lack of interest in the sexual activities.

If you come across any of the symptoms, or the symptoms persists or get worsens, then immediately get in touch with your doctor. Also, remember that if your doctor has prescribed tamoxifen then he must have carefully judged that the benefits of the medicines are greater than the side-effects. There are many people who have been using generic Nolvadex for a long time and there haven’t been any serious side effects to them. It is very necessary to tell your doctor immediately if any of the below side effects occur, they can be:

  • Blurred Vision/Vision changes
  • Pain in the eye
  • Easy Bleeding/bruising
  • Changes in the mental condition or changes in the mood.
  • Swelling in the feet or ankles
  • Unusual tiredness

If you see any of the rare side effects in your body, which is very rare, then also contact your doctor immediately, the rare side-effects can be:

  • Abdominal/stomach/pain
  • Persistent vomiting/Nausea
  • Yellowing of the skin/eye
  • Dark Urine

Other sign of infections such as persistent sore throat, tongue or face, trouble in breathing or severe dizziness. This is not a complete list of side-effects, if you come across to any of the side effects which is not mentioned in the above list, contact your pharmacist or doctor as soon as possible.

What are the precautions of Nolvadex dosage?

Before you start taking Nolvadex generic, it is very important to inform your pharmacist or doctor if you are allergic to it on in case you have some other kind of allergies. Nolvadex can also contain some inactive ingredients and they can cause problems to the body and other allergic reactions as well. Thus, talk to your pharmacist about it. In case you are suffering from cancer which is only limited to the milk ducts or if you want to take tamoxifen for the purpose of preventing cancer, then you are not supposed to take this medicine in some of the certain medical conditions. It is very necessary to inform your doctor if you have blood clots or a history of stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, basically, the conditions which need treatment by blood thinning. If you also have a history of breast cancer and along with that a history of blood strke/clots, then you cannot take tamoxifen. It is highly recommended to talk to your doctor about the risk and benefits it can have on your body. Before you start taking this medicine, inform your pharmacist or doctor all about your medical history, specifically about high triglycerides or high cholesterol level, immobility, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, cataracts, and smoking. Before having the breast reconstruction surgery, it is very important to tell your dentist or doctor about the medications which you use, this can include prescribed and non-prescribed drugs, and all other herbal products. Tamoxifen should not be used by pregnant women as it can harm the unborn baby. Women who are capable of being pregnant can start the tamoxifen at the time of their periods or they can also get a test for negative pregnancy before they start using this medication. It is very important to prevent pregnancy when you are taking tamoxifen and also after two months of taking this medicine. Women should use reliable and non-hormonal medicines for birth-control like diaphragms with spermicide and condoms. These preventions need to be used before taking tamoxifen and after two months when you will stop the medication. It is still unknown if tamoxifen goes into the breast milk or not, but as there is a huge risk involved in it, breastfeeding should be done when you are on this medicine. Better to consult your doctor for the same. Your pharmacist or doctor is aware of the interactions which can happen with any other drugs and they also make sure to monitor it. You are not supposed to stop or change the number of dosages you have to take. If you have to change the dose, then speak to your pharmacist of doctor about it. You should not use Nolvadex with the medication as there can be some serious complication; the medicines where interaction can happen are letrozole and Anastrozole. If you are taking any of these two medicines, then it is necessary to inform your pharmacist or Doctor about it, do this before you start taking Nolvadex.

Overdose of Nolvadex

You should never take overdosage of Nolvadex, it is highly recommended to consult your pharmacist or doctor if you want to have some changes in the dose. All the possible interactions and side effects of Nolvadex are not mentioned in this piece of writing, contact your pharmacist or doctor to know about other symptoms which can occur.

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