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Tadalis SX (Tadalafil)
Tadalis SX

An excellent remedy for driving off Erectile Dysfunction, Tadalis Sx is recommended for every man who suffers from penile erection issues and is often shy to open up the medical issue.

The medicine ensures the man his ability to experience enhanced penile erection for a good long 4 plus hours. Tadalis sx 20mg act as natural response for the stimulated signals and allow hard level of arousal and maintenance of erection. Tadalis sx is formulated with Tadalafil component.

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Product Description

Tadalis sx 20mg-Working/Mechanisms

The active component Sildenafil Citrate actively causes inhibition of the PDE5 enzyme that poses as one of the threat during erection process. The medicine helps in improving the blood circulation especially concentrating on penile region so as to enhance the erection part. Proper blood circulation causes the muscle to smoothen up and enhance the erection. The overall measure causes one with hard erection and ends the issues related to flaccid erection.


Tadalis Sx 20mg -Dosage/Consumption pattern

Tadalis Sx dosage strengths is 20mg and only one dose is permissible according to health experts. The user is required to consume one dose at least 30 to 60 minutes prior to the sexual intimate moments. Consuming with a glass of water is advised as it being for oral consumption and acts best if taken on empty stomach. Older men are required to consume the minimum dose strength as the medicine increases blood circulation and hence a light dose is to be consumed.


Tadalis Sx 20mg-Precautions/safety measures

Men who are older should consume the 20mg. No intake of multiple (More than one) dose to be made in a period of 24 hours. Users consuming alcohol or who are smokers are required to cut the intake as it can reduce the effects of the medicine.


Tadalis Sx 20mg-Side effects

There are no major side effects as the product is a quality approved medicine for eradicating the case of erectile dysfunction. Certain mild level effects such as headache, nausea, nasal congestion or fatigue can be experienced during the course.


Who can take Tadalis Sx 20mg

Adults (Men) who find erection hard to achieve can easily make use of the product once during a day’s period. The product enables one with hard erection for a longer period of time.


Tadalis is an effective generic medication meant for treating impotence and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) in men. As Tadalafil is the main component of Tadalis and a Phosphodiesterace-5 (PDE5) inhibitor, the medication helps men to attain and maintain erection for longer hours by preventing the collapse of cGMP, an important substance that regulates the blood circulation. Generic Tadalis, when consumed orally, boosts the blood flow in penile region and thus, give stronger erection to men for sexual intercourse. Sexual stimulation is needed for Tadalis effect. Produced by Ajantha Pharma, Tadalis is oval-shaped yellow colored pills available in doses of 20 mg. It is an oral medication that works with same effectiveness whether taken with or without food. It must be taken just once in a day or as suggested by your family doctor. The drug is consumed 30 minutes or one hour before sex and its effect last for up to 36 hours.

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